Needles No More No More Baggage Eye De-puffing Gel - 15ml

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Getting rid of the under eye baggage made easy!
Natural aging, stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, hormonal imbalance and environmental allergies can all do serious damage to the eye area. We’re talking dark circles, under-eye bags, puffiness—the works. So, we developed a needle-free quick fix that also provides long-term results.

Inspired by a second-skin technology developed at MIT, Dr. Brandt Skincare created a Filmatrix technology that forms an invisible, biomimetic film on the skin’s surface. Within minutes, it tightens and smooths the under-eye contour to visually reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and dark circles for an immediately brighter, well-rested look. Peptides, botanicals such as,Centella asiatica, Birch bark, Green and White tea and combined with caffeine work over time to depuff and renew the under-eye area for a consistently smooth and improved appearance.
Under eye baggage… be gone!

Why do you love this product?

This needle-free solution quickly minimizes the look of under-eye bags, puffiness and dark circles while providing long-term results, allowing you to reclaim the well-rested, stress-free look of youth.

What it is

An advanced eye solution that quickly minimizes the look of under-eye bags, puffiness and dark circles while preserving a youthful appearance over time. For all skin types.

What it does


  • Reduce the look of under-eye bags, puffiness and dark circles
  • Restore a smoother-looking, youthful eye contour
  • Help protect against damage-causing irritants and pollutants

Key Ingredients

Filmatrix Technology: Made of algae and plant extracts, forms an invisible, second-skin film that tightens the appearance of the eye contour for a visually smoother look within minutes.
Peptides: Work to restore the look of elasticity and firmness while supporting the skin and helping to reduce the look of bags, puffiness, and brighten the under-eye area.
Caffeine and Botanical extract cocktail (Centella asiatica, Birch bark, Green and White tea): Help reduce the look of puffiness and decrease the intensity of dark circles.


- Sulfates
- Phthalates
- Parabens





Clinical Testing


- 97% showed an improvement in the appearance of under-eye bags and puffiness**
- 90% reported an immediate smoothing effect on the overall eye area*
- 83% showed an improvement in the appearance of under-eye circles**


- 100% reported that under-eye area looks depuffed
- 80% reported that product provides a fresh, rested look



- 100% reported that product improves the appearance of under-eye puffiness
- 97% reported that the intensity of dark circles decreased
- 97% reported that the eyes look less tired
- 87% reported that product smooths the look of lines
* Self-assessment test conducted on 30 volunteers.
** Instrumental evaluation conducted on 30 volunteers.

Application Time


Product Usage

.01 After your eye moisturizer, warm a tiny amount between fingers and gently pat directly on bags and dark circles.
.02 Use alone or under make-up.
.03 For best results let dry in between applications. Reapply as needed.

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