Cell CPR - New Face Serum

Skin Nutrition SA

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Our skin is made up of multiple cells, which consist of complex elements, and these elements all have roles to play in ensuring optimal cell and skin health. This biological process is genetically engineered to run like a finely tuned machine.

However, what is not factored into the equation is damage we do to these elements by lifestyle and environmental aggressors, which not only age us prematurely, but hinder the cells from doing what they are supposed to do.

Cell-CPR contains plant cells, peptides, growth factors, phospholipids, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, oligosaccharides, oxygen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals, as well as other active ingredients, all delivered with proprietary multi-encapsulation and delivery technologies to protect and resuscitate the skin, helping to bring it back to the way nature intended it to be… healthy, smooth, youthful, and radiant!

If our skin came with a manufacturer’s maintenance elixir, Cell-CPR is what it would have come with!