Brightening Eye Cream - 15ml

  • R 1,245.00

Why do you love this product?

A rich, brightening and moisturizing eye cream that targets under eye darkness.

Key Benefits

Neutralizes free radicals to prevent oxidative damage & inhibit melanin production
Promotes a brighter eye contour and softens the look of lines and wrinkles
Helps improve microcirculation to reduce dark shadows

What it is

Rich, moisturizing, brightening eye cream that targets under eye darkness

Key Ingredients

Active Marine C Complex acts within different stages of the pigmentation process to promote a lighter, more even complexion. Protects skin from harsh environmental damage and against UV photo-oxidation and irritation.
Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin promotes brightness while MDI Complex® helps improve the look of dark circles.
Mango butter moisturizes and nourishes. Plant and Fruit Extracts help reduce irritation and soothe the skin.





Safety Claims

Dermatologist-tested, Hypoallergenic, Ophthalmologist-tested

Clinical Testing

Noticeable to extremely noticeable improvement after 8 weeks of treatment:
- 75% reported that their dark circles became lighter & less noticeable
- 87% reported that their eye contour became brighter
- 94% reported less appearance of lines & wrinkles
- 88% reported improvement in hydration & moisturization
clinical Study conducted on women 35-65 years old.

Application Time


Product Usage

.01 Using ring finger, apply to bone area of eye from the outside corner of the eye inward.