Omega 3 Whole Nutrition Shake

Omega 3 Whole Nutrition Shake

Skin Nutrition SA

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Who should use it:

All ages and all skin types, especially those with dull, dry skin and hair and brittle nails.

Excellent for promoting healthy weight loss.


What it is:

A whole food shake designed to optimally support cellular nutrition to promote beautiful skin, hair and nails as well as beautiful lean body. Omega 3 Shake is rich in Omega 3 essential fats, fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and skin-enhancing ingredients. Low GI and 100% natural flavours.


Results to expect:

  • Healthy glowing skin due to strengthened immune system
  • Shinier and healthier hair due to nourishing of hair follicles with optimum nutrition
  • Healthy and stronger nails due to skin specific vitamins and minerals
  • Heathy weight loss due to loss of unwanted body fat and stronger, more lean body


2 scoops daily mixed with cold water or milk.

Shake well.

Excellent for children too!