Prime + Glow Oil

Prime + Glow Oil

Skin Nutrition SA

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Complexion Brightening Primer Oil

Elastic oil, ideal as a makeup base as it gives skin a natural glow without leaving it looking or feeling greasy.

The formula, enriched with oily extract, penetrates instantly for deep-down hydration, reducing fine lines and shrinking pores, immediately leaving skin looking bright and youthful.

It’s versatile enough to be used in various ways: as a primer, or with a few drops added to concealer or to your foundation for a warmer and more glowing complexion.

Oil foil has also been developed in line with the concept of aromatherapy, which involves using certain fragrances to benefit both the body and mind.

The essential lavender oil added actually has a calming action, which is ideal for starting the day with energy and a positive state of mind.