• This product is one of few out there that really do deliver the results. And quickly


  • Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion is the only exfoliate I have ever been able to use successfully. It is perfect for the 'not so young' skin that needs to be 'refreshed' on a regular basis. It is somewhat abrasive, so you must use care not to scrub too hard, and best used in the shower with plenty of water. I also think it is best to mix the scrub with water to create a thin paste before applying to the face and neck (don't forget the neck.)

    Laura Martinez

  • This moisturizer has permanently changed my skin for the better! I’ve tried tons of products, but this one is completely different. It goes much deeper than the surface layer and makes your skin deeply and thoroughly hydrated. I have stopped using primer under my makeup because it looks beautiful after using this product!

    Ashley Braskett

  • This is amazing after the first use,My skin felt clean and tight. after i used this I didn’t need to put any other anti aging cream. I will definitely buy this again

    Seema Naaz

  • There are a lot of magnetic masks out there but this is the only one you should buy! I wish I would have bought directly from the drbrandt website all this time so I could receive points along with my previous purchases (now I’m aware I’ve been missing out lol) anyways- amazing product. I repurchase over and over again

    Jennifer Mae