We #DARETOCARE: about skin, about our formulas, about you, about our planet.

Our method: integrative dermatology, an exclusive and inclusive approach encompassing all fields of medicine for the benefit of your dermatological health.


We aim to offer safe, innovative, and effective clinical skincare products that help every person look and feel their best throughout a lifetime.​

Our formulas are vegan, GMO-free, cruelty free with ingredients that are selected with care. We abide by worldwide regulations to avoid any controversial ingredients with a blacklist of about 1700 ingredients (for example: EU’s list of 1,300+ ingredients that are restricted for cosmetic use).



To pursue Dr. Fredric Brandt’s legacy as a science backed brand, all our products are dermatologist-tested on all skin types and tones, with clinically-proven efficacy.




Our principle is to do better every day for a better tomorrow. We are not perfect and the road is long but every step counts.


For each of our new developments, while never compromising our formulas and their efficacy, we choose eco-designed and sustainable packaging.

We remove the unnecessary wrapping and prefer 100% recyclable bio-resin tubes from sugarcane and 100% recyclable glass for our bottles and jars. Our boxes are also FSC-certified cardboard.

In addition, whenever possible, we introduce post-consumer materials.



With our products, your skin is protected by sustainably - sourced punica granatum, an adaptogen known for its antioxidant benefits.


We also aim to create a positive impact through the Dr. Brandt Foundation: dedicated to supporting the mental health and well-being of diverse and underserved communities and to bring awareness to mental health issues such as depression and suicide prevention.

*Applies to all of our new 2022 innovations and beyond